So You Think You Can Dance!


Friday, April 20, 2012

Sometimes when life gets busy...

...I forget to sleep.
I should shut down my laptop
and walk away.
Yet, here I am.
Since the last time 
I added a new post
a lot has happened.
I'm not always a fan
of change,
but it can be beneficial.
My family endured 
the passing of my uncle,
and while we know this is 
part of God's plan,
we are still sad 
that he is gone.
He was blessed not
to suffer for too long,
and we will forever be grateful 
for his life, love, and example.
 In other news,
I got a new job.
 It all happened 
very quickly.
one day I was talking about it,
and the very next day 
it became a reality.
 I still work for the same company,
I just work in a different department.
I have to remember to 
be patient with myself.
I wasn't good at my 
previous job on day one.
It took a while to be comfortable
and it's okay that there will be times
when I will need to ask for help.
That being said,
I am enjoying the experience.
It's been good to learn new things,
interact with new people,
and get to know my coworkers better,
(for the record, 
I think they are great!
But I miss my old friends... a lot!)
and I'm not gonna lie,
my favorite thing is being able 
to wear cute shoes to the office.
 Soccer season has started,
my brother will become a dad this summer,
my sister is expecting her 3rd child,
another brother is moving to a new house,
friends are graduating from college,
and becoming first time home-owners,
my youngest brother is graduating high school,
as are a bunch of beautiful cousins,
cousins are getting married,
and starting families,
and the list of happenings 
could go on and on and on.
Life is busy,
and constantly changing,
but one thing that remains the same
is my need for sleep,
and yet, here I am,
because sometimes when life gets busy...
...I forget to sleep.


Thursday, February 23, 2012

My new favorite recipe to make is...

...Ham and Egg Cupcakes.
I love cooking, especially when the recipe is simple
and the food turns out so pretty.
The other day I was out of my office for a minute
and when I came back there was a recipe sitting on my desk.
Frankly, it sounded delicious.
I discovered that Stuart had found the recipe
and printed copies for everyone.
Moments later when I went to
make something for lunch,
I discovered that I
had all the ingredients.
I was only missing one thing.
A muffin pan to cook it in.
I instantly resolved to make it the next day,
and made a mental note to bring the pan.
Natascha said she would bring  a few things,
I brought a few items to add to the flavor.
Stuart helped too and we enjoyed quite the feast!

12 thin slices ham
12 large eggs
your choice of toppings:
cheese, any kind, grated
green onions
crumbled bacon
salt and pepper to taste
bread for dunking

Preheat oven to 375 degrees.
Grease your pan lightly with spray
Place one piece of ham in each muffin tin,
letting it ruffle up the sides.
Crack an egg into each,
sprinkle with a little
cheese, salt and pepper.
Bake for 15-20 minutes,
depending on how runny
you want your egg yolk to be.
Serve while warm and enjoy!

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

I celebrated my birthday... going to 
Fabulous Las Vegas.
A trip was planned.
It was completely 
that it was 
the same weekend
as my 35th birthday.
I went with some 
fantastic ladies:
Bobbi, Jackie, 
Josselyn, and Phung.
The trip included 
all the usual:
more shopping!
I'd tell you more,
but everybody knows
"What happens in Vegas,
stays in Vegas!"

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Introducing the new...

...Mr. and Mrs. Jakins.
It's official.
The Jakins family has a new member.
Fabian and Shaela were married
January 28, 2012
in Tooele, Utah.
The ceremony was beautiful,
the couple is adorable,
and the cupcakes were delicious!
And to top it all off,
the weather was amazing!
(I'm not sure that Shaela's family
from Arizona would agree with me,
but for Utah, in January,
it just doesn't get any better!)
It was fun spending the weekend
with the majority of my family.
I loved meeting Shaela's family.
I can tell that they are as excited
to have Fabian in their family
as we are to have Shaela in ours!
Much love, happiness, 
and all my best wishes
to the happy couple!!
Love you guys lots :)

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Once in a while...

...I am actually poetic.
I have never considered myself
a "creative" person.
I am not musical,
as random strangers might think
(see my previous post).
I don't draw.
Even stick figures can be tricky...
But don't get me wrong,
I do have my moments.
Color Me Mine 
has been good for me
because it allows me
to show off some of my
finer artistic creations.
As far as writing goes,
I don't have much to say,
unless you count 
my ramblings
on this blog.
Several years ago 
I penned the following
and still to this day,
it brings a smile to my face.

We sat,
Sat and talked,
Talked about nothing,
Nothing that really mattered,
But it mattered to me,
Because it meant that we were

Thanks for allowing me to share
my very limited talents.

Friday, January 13, 2012

I'm just a...

...kid at heart.
Sometimes I am just like
a 4-year-old.
My favorite things
to eat/snack on are:
grilled cheese sandwiches,
or peanut butter and jelly,
string cheese,
chocolate milk,
and otter pops.
If I am ever tired or hungry
I want to throw a temper tantrum.
I need a nap once in a while.
I love picture books,
and puzzles.
Sometimes I just want
my mom and dad
to tell me a story.
I want to live in a castle.
Sometimes I am afraid of the dark.
I want everyone to like me.

I wonder if I will ever
grow out of this stage?

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Sometimes I talk to strangers...

...but only because they start talking to me.
Right before Christmas, 
I was on my way to a celebration 
with some good friends,
and I had to make a quick stop.
I had the following very strange conversation
with an older gentleman and his friend
at the local Dick's Market
as I was finishing up my purchase.
(I'm pretty sure I was laughing the whole time!)
Older Man: Excuse me, can we talk to you for a second?
Me: I suppose.  
OM: My friend and I were just noticing 
that you have a presence about you. 
(That would be my yellow boots talking.)
I would be willing to bet that you play
at least one, possibly two, musical instruments.
M: No sir, I do not.
OM:  No piano?  Violin?  Do you sing?
M:  I don't sing or play the violin.
I did take piano lessons for a short time,
but that was years ago.
I just never took the time to practice...
(and we didn't have a piano...
but that's besides the point...)
OM: Oh, well, then I bet you were a 
straight-A student in school.
M: Actually, no, I was an awful student.
I never did my homework...
(and sometimes I didn't go to class...)
OM: I bet you made your mother cry.
M: That is definitely possible,
but I hope she's over it by now!
(It was a long time ago!)
OM: Did you participate in any school activities?
M: I was in Debate for a while 
and I was pretty good at that.
(Arguing can be fun! - especially when I win!)
OM:  I would never have guessed that...
Hope you enjoy the rest of your evening.
M: Yes sir, you too!
(I really called him sir...)
The moral of the story:
You just never know when someone
is going to call you out on your accomplishments.
(or extreme lack thereof!)

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

I'm working...

...on making a comeback.
To my blog.
It's been far too long
since I've subjected you to 
my ramblings.
So be on the lookout.
Funny things are on the way.
You've been warned.